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Studio Pool Villa Casa De La Flora

STUDIO POOL VILLA room size 48 sq.m. total size 70 sq.m. total 5 villas. pool 4.30 m. x 1.90 m. Although Studio Pool Villas are most compact among other categories, all modern comforts and luxuries are so prevalent. Each villa.

  • Beachfront Pool Villa room size 48 sq.m. total size 70 sq.m. total 4 villas. pool 3.40 m. x 3.40 m. Whereas villas in this category are slightly more compact than the other beachfront ones, comfort and luxury are never compromised. Each.

  • Casa de la Flora Studio Pool Villa Price per night from $120.03 Overview Photos Location Offers (5) Book your stay Style Cerulean serenity Setting Beachside at Bang Niang The modernist Studio Pool Villas sit in the sculpted gardens of Casa de la Flora hotel on a prime strip of Andaman-lapped Bang Niang beach.

  • Soak up interrupted view of the Andaman Sea with relaxing and luxurious stay at Casa de la Flora, a modern urban resort on the palm-fringed beach of Khao Lak. Book Now Casa de La Flora. Home; Villas. STUDIO POOL VILLA;. Studio Pool.


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